Save Marble Canyon Sign Today

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Sign this petition to ask the Coconino County Board of Supervisors to reverse the zoning permissions for the California-based developers that will enable them to bring a 162-acre resort to Marble Canyon. The Foster family has teamed up with the Hansji Corporation to bring this resort to Marble Canyon.

Why is it important for this not to happen?

The project calls for a full-amenity resort which would include a hotel, motel, microbreweries, and restaurants.  This will mean the traffic will drastically increase in the Lees Ferry area/ Marble Canyon. With this much extra traffic will the resort stay ecological like the developers are claiming? How will the extra traffic disturb and affect the wildlife? A project this size does not belong in a beautiful place like Marble Canyon. I think we can agree that a 162-acre resort will not be “ecological”. Another question you have to ask yourself is, “At what point will this development stop? Will it be after the Hansji Corporation has maxed out its offerings in the area? What’s next on the building agenda? Helicopter Tours? OffRoad Tours? And so forth…

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