Content is needed! Fill a website with life

Website is there, and now? How do you breathe life into them?
Placing a website initially and making it accessible is a first step. Not the least important and also sufficient for many, because the basic functions of a website are given at this time. If I have thought well beforehand about what information my own target group needs in order to get by, then I have done one essential task.

The website as a service for my customers
A website is to be understood as a service for the customers and if the contact details, my service or products are properly arranged and placed well visible for website visitors, they are satisfied.

Then I’m done!
Theoretically, this can come to an end and nobody complains. But then what I shouldn’t expect is that many potential new visitors will become aware of the website. Because if I am already potentially visible to the whole world, then please have a look at the world! But in order to make the website easier for other people to find, I need extremely good content on my website!

Why do I need content?
Good content is so important because my website is listed with my individual subpages on Google and other service providers of this type. So there are huge lists of websites including their subpages and Google and Co. to throw them out to the searcher if necessary. And that’s exactly what I want! Person X looks for something on a topic and finds it on my website. I already have a new visitor!

Is it that easy?
No, rather not. Because you can imagine that these lists kept by Google and Co. have a lot of lines. So it is and I compete with countless websites on this earth. But you don’t need to stick your head in the sand. You have a chance if you stick to a very simple thing:

Produce high quality content for your website!
If you do that, success will set in over time. You need staying power for this, but it’s worth it. Because one thing is clear: Top-prepared content has a long half-life and will ensure in many months and certainly years that it will be classified as relevant and visible to searchers. And that’s what I want! I want to be found easily and with pleasure on certain topics.

And now?
So the theory is clear. I know that I need content and how it helps me. The only question now is where content comes from and what properties it should have. Let’s start with the properties.

Content is not just content
The question of properties can be answered very scientifically and this is also justified, but it does little to help understanding. I’ll cut that short and get to the point. Content, whether text, images or videos, has to make a difference for the users of the website. It can be funny, very good in content and to the point or e.g. also very provocative.
In total, we reach people when our content is strong, touches people in some way and provides added value. If we have managed to do this, it is important to prepare it appropriately and feed it to the website visitor in small bites. The best content brings NOTHING if I don’t prepare it well tolerated and tasty. All of our senses are always active while looking at a website and we should pay attention to that. In practical terms, this means: not too cumbersome to formulate, short sentences and paragraphs, a few headings, a pleasant typeface, a suitable contrast to the background, appropriate font size, a reasonable structure … further points can be worked out here, but the principle is certainly clear. One must also bear in mind that these things can differ depending on the target group.

Where to take, if not steal?
You can also steal content, but that’s probably not the fine way. So let’s focus on the finer methods. Basically, it is legitimate to think about producing content yourself, or you can let others go and pay for it. Both are ok and often a question of money, time and individual attitudes to the topic.

First steps?
Texts and pictures from the surrounding area! What can I do well and what can my company do !? Start to record your everyday life. Take beautiful pictures, describe a product, write the added value of your company, write a hymn about your region and why you live and work there or introduce your employees and their areas of responsibility to the outside world. There are numerous options, just get started! Texts and images can be easily placed on your own website and if you produce them regularly, your own company blog is worth it!

Quality over quantity + frequency makes it!
When writing or otherwise producing content, always remember who you are writing for and that what you are writing is meant to add real value. This is complex and hard work and you can tell from this that you prefer to put less into the world, but then of high quality. It is also important that you do not publish 10 articles online every year, but rather that they are regularly distributed over the entire term.

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