5 Link Building Tactics To Land High-Quality Links In 2022

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has a lot of components and link-building is one of the most boring ones as recalled by many webmasters. As per research conducted by Scanteam, a large number of webmasters don’t even bother coming up with links and hence almost two-thirds of the web pages in the USA have zero backlinks on them. 

The Internet is a highly competitive space that draws a traffic of millions of users that perform organic searches. Hence, in order to survive in this competition, your web page must mandatorily have loads and loads of links. If not, then your web page will be as good as gone in an environment with millions of other web pages. 

Link building can charge your business drastically as it is paired with fantastic content, strong technical foundations and on-page optimization. This can benefit your page’s organic success and reach on Google and other search engines by giving your page the push that it needs to compete with other sharks in business. 

The algorithms used by Google are fickle and tend to change over time. The same applies for link building tactics. There are both good and bad ways while building a link. 

Link building might be the most boring part of SEO but it is solely responsible for making your SEO the best. If you master this art then your webpage will be a hit among the internet users. Hence, some of the best tips for link building perfectly to grow your business are:

Research industry statistics thoroughly 

If you post data-driven content on your web page then you should thoroughly research the industry statistics before doing so. Creating web pages with thoroughly researched and surveyed statistics confined to the niche of your customer’s interests will very easily attract lots of backlinks to your articles. 

However, many people are under the impression that you have to research a lot in order to gather this data. This is false. You just have to create a bunch of links that will be useful to both content creators and your customers. The ultimate goal of attaching backlinks to your web page is to cut down the research time of your customers and provide them with all the useful and required necessary details so that they keep selecting your web page over and over again. 

Reformat your existing best-performing content 

If you have a specific content that is attracting a huge influx of users to your web page every day then it means that more and more people are finding it useful and attractive. So what you can do with it is: Reformat or Repurpose it in different ways that might be found useful by other people as well. 

Reformatting an existing content that is driving a huge audience base as per the needs of different audiences will multiply the visitors on your blog. For example: you can reformat a blog post into an infographic video so people who are lazy to read or have no time to read can just watch this video on the go. 

You can also try syndicating content on your web page. Syndication implies writing content from other websites and attaching backlink to it. 

Restore lost backlinks 

Losing a certain number of links from your web page is the most common issue. Say you’ve spent a lot of time and energy in creating hundreds of links on your page but over time you’ve seen numbers going down drastically. 

Webmasters are frequently changing their URL structures, revamping their websites, reformatting existing content and also deleting certain non-performing content. This is why the number of attached links to your web page might fall drastically. Hence, you should always be prepared for it. 

Sometimes you can reach out to the owner of the link and ask whether they can reinstate the lost link or not. Always remember to be kind and polite while asking for a favour and offering something in return might work sometimes too. 

Claiming unlinked mentions 

This tip applies to the massive social media websites that are already engaging with their customers on a large base. They conduct great social media and PR campaigns and there are several chances that sometimes your website might be mentioned in these campaigns without linking it to yours. 

This is the best opportunity to build up links using a very simple strategy. Firstly, you have to create a system that will look for mentioned brandings across the internet. You can use tools such as Google Alerts, IFTTT or Mention to automate the system. 

Then you can reach out to any one who has mentioned your website and request them to add a link to the same. 

Start commenting more on blogs

Some people think that blog commenting in order to improve your SEO is a bad idea. However, blog commenting in order to improve your SEO is one of the best strategies and it is here to stay. 

However, you must remember that there is a huge crowd out there, including spammers, that opt blog commenting as a way to increase their blog reach. Hence, you have to make sure that your comment stands out from the rest of the crowd and is read by the people. 

Make sure to write well-thought comments and something that will have an effect on the viewers. Don’t keep them too long as most people will skip it. You can also paste a link to your website in that comment so that it increases your reach. 

These are the top five ways in which you can create links to get a good SEO. If these do not work, some more strategies for new websites are:

Reach out to local bloggers for local SEO 

If you want your web page to be ranked at the top then you must definitely follow this link building strategy in the upcoming year. Start looking for local websites who are in the know more than the others. These will be attractive and very famous locally who are covering viral niches such as music, travel, fashion etc. 

SEO specialist Alex Lysak recommends checking popular social media handles of local websites on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This allows you to look for potential that normally might get missed out on Google. Don’t get caught up in spam websites or social media accounts while doing this. 

Now that you have a good list, you can now start to look for similarities between these websites and your website. Now you can reach out to them with a piece of content that has your website’s backlink attached to it. You can also offer them some incentives as it works like magic and they get ready to put up your content, in most cases. 

Follow the top-notch guest posting 

Guest posting is a component of SEO that is very much NOT dead. Many SEO experts might want you to believe that guest posting isn’t a very effective method. However, this is not true. Instead, you can acquire some of the highest number of backlinks for your business via this way. 

The trick in achieving a good SEO through this is to understand proper prospects. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid websites that have pages named ‘Write for Us.’ 

Always remember to prioritize websites that cover your niche. 

Link building has evolved drastically over the past few years. And now the focus is diverted to quality instead of quantity. You should always be consistent and strategic while the process of link building. Link building is the most pivotal part of SEO strategy. 

By using the before mentioned link building techniques, you can create a good space for your business outreach. These tactics have proved to be beneficial for businesses of all sizes and niches. You can also use several link building tools to enhance your SEO strategy with link building techniques 2022.

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