10 Best Remote No-Experience Jobs Everybody Should Consider About

The necessity for remote jobs is no longer debatable. 2022 statistics show that more than 26% of people in the United States work from home. Moreover, this number will likely increase as over 36 million Americans are projected to work from home by 2025.

The increase in the percentage of remote workers can be attributed to many things, including the cost-saving factor and improved productivity. Remote jobs also allow flexible working schedules and have been proven to improve efficiency. In fact, studies have shown that remote workers are more productive by up to 40% compared to regular workers.

Remote job websites like Jooble, Indeed, and Glassdoor, among others, are now available to cater to remote job seekers’ needs. These websites collate job ads and put them together, allowing job seekers to get their preferred jobs easily.

To enlighten you more, we have collaborated with experts from job aggregator Jooble to discuss the 10 best remote jobs you can do and how to get them, even if you don’t have experience yet. It is worth noting that most of these jobs pay well, and you can also use them to get started in your career, serving as a means of gaining experience for better positions.

10 Great Remote Jobs You Can Get Without Experience

It is safe to say that remote work is here to stay. Many companies allow their employees to work from home. As a result, many remote positions are available in various industries for people who want to work from home but have limited to no remote work experience.

Below are the 10 best jobs you can consider without experience on your CV.

1. Customer Service

Customer service is one of the industries that encourage remote work the most.  This is because their job can be done from everywhere worldwide, and both companies and workers are leveraging this.  Presently, about 80% of customer service agents in America work remotely. In addition, a research in the United States in 2018 shows that over 200 million people contacted companies’ customer service in a year.

With the importance of customer service so pronounced, it is no surprise that companies are taking advantage of the ability to hire workers who can do their jobs from any part of the planet without having to worry about geographical restraint. This has made customer service jobs available for anyone willing to explore the industry, irrespective of where they live.

However, it is worth noting that most customer service positions require a Bachelor’s degree in the related field. However, you can get some jobs with a high school diploma. There are also tons of entry-level jobs for people without experience, so start by checking out available customer service jobs today.

2. Tutoring

Tutoring involves teaching other people what you know. This can either be academic subjects, skills, or other things. Remote tutoring became more popular during the pandemic, and there are currently around 400,000 remote teachers in the United States.

Although you need a Bachelor’s degree to teach a school subject, this is not required for coaching a skill. You only need proficiency in the skills you want to coach. It is easy to start tutoring online without experience as there are websites like Chegg, TutorMe, Prepclass, etc., for online teachers. You can register on these websites and get teaching jobs. Also, you can become a self-established freelance tutor.

3. Translating

If you understand more than one language, translation can be an ideal job for you. Translation has become necessary because the world needs to spread new information, knowledge, and ideas, even across language borders. With the world fast becoming a global village, the need for translators is rising.

If you can read, write, speak and understand at least two languages fluently, you can start translation without experience. Also, you do not need any formal certification or licensing to get hired. However, certificates can be a sign of credibility, and you might consider getting them as your career grows. In addition, translation pays well, with an average annual income of $51,000, which makes it an excellent remote job to explore.

4. Transcribing

Transcribing involves converting voice materials to text. These include speeches, meeting minutes, conferences, video audio, and interviews. Transcription helps make sure information is passed and documented beyond audio. This can also give people with impaired earrings the opportunity to access the report. Also, transcription can help ensure the information is stored in less space, making it easily transferable and accessible.

To be a transcriber, you need good listening, comprehension, organization, and typing skills. Despite its low requirement, transcription pays well, with an average annual pay of $59,000.

5. Book Keeping

Bookkeeping involves managing the financial information of an organization. A bookkeeper receives payment, records the payment and expenditure, and edits the financial transactions and balance accounts. They also request outstanding debts and keep track of creditors. Bookkeeping helps small businesses take control of their accounts.

With every job going remote, bookkeeping is not left out. Remote bookkeepers work from home, recording and analyzing financial documents on the cloud or company’s network storage.

6. Web And App Developing

Being a developer entails creating an online app or website. However, you must know how to use programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to thrive in this profession. This job pays an average of $67,000 per year and can be done remotely.

7. Administrative And Virtual Assistant

A remote administrative and virtual assistant does what the regular office assistant does─ help the executive. Their duties include drafting and responding to emails, scheduling meetings, managing a contact list, conducting research, etc.

One good thing about this job is that you can get it with minimal qualification of a high school diploma, depending on who you are assisting and the company you work with. Also, you do not need experience as this job can be done quickly, and you can also learn on the job.

8. Medical Scribe

Do you have an interest in medical science but do not have the opportunity to become a professional? Then you can become a medical scribe instead. Also, if you are interested in medicine and want excellent knowledge in the area, being a medical scribe can help.

Medical scribes are personal assistants to doctors. They gather and record information on patients’ visits and treatments and help patients get the best medical care possible. A minimum of a high school diploma is needed to become a medical scribe. Also, you need knowledge of medical terminology, good typing skills, and excellent organizational skills to do the job proficiently.

9. Writing

Writing is another job that you can start doing while still inexperienced. With the need for businesses to put out great content about their businesses, business owners now hire people to help them write. The need for error-free, well-written business content drives the request for professional writers.

Therefore, if you are a good writer that can turn in excellent materials, there is space for you in the writing world. The great thing is that you can write from anywhere in the world and submit to the employer through any convenient medium.

10. Travel Agent

Remote travel agents work from home to help their clients make their trips seamless. They help clients book tickets, reserve rooms, browse tour places, and book rental cars. The job pays an average of $47,000 annually, and you can do it with a minimum of a high school diploma.


Undoubtedly, you can get a remote job with no experience. Although some companies may prefer candidates with relevant experience, many are open to considering candidates with little to no experience, provided they have the proper skill set.

So, to increase your chances of getting hired, research the remote company and role ahead of time. Also, don’t forget to highlight your transferable skills on your resume and cover letter, and practice interviewing so that you feel confident during the application process.

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