We have been Featured in a Technical SEO Article

Apart of getting backlinks is by being of service and giving away some your knowledge. It is the same philosphy of what you give is what you get.

As we are in the midst of 2021 we have all should take a look at the technical SEO of our websites. Where can you improve your on-page SEO?

We where recently featured in one of LSEO.com’s article on what to look for in 2021 in regarding technical SEO. Here was my input

“The most essential issue that should be addressed is getting an SSL certificate if you don’t already have one. It’s no surprise that websites should be fully secure under the HTTPS protocol today, but where websites usually get this wrong is within their internal links. It’s important to ensure that all of your internal links also properly links through the secure protocol to show Google you are fully secure and limit the number of redirects they have to hop through during a crawl.”

LSEO has alot of free content that I personally recommend if you want to know more about in the realm of SEO. Read the rest of their article on the “6 Essential Technical SEO Issues to Address Right Away in 2021”

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