Steadily SEO Case Study

steadily homepage Case study

Steadily is an Austin-based startup that provides affordable landlord insurance.

The company was looking to grow its organic marketing channels to supplement its overall growth strategy. 

Steadily wanted to expand its rankings across geographic areas in the US while also trying to rank for relevant keywords that are of interest to landlords.

DUSK Digital identified specialized content themes through keyword research that pinpointed ranking opportunities for the company.

6 Months
table case study of SEO strategy by business category of different companies based on the industry, technical programmatic,backlinks authority and quality content

SEO strategy by business category. Inspired by Kevin Indig Lead SEO @ Shopify.


As seen above a company’s overall SEO strategy is much dependent on its industry. Companies that have user-generated content like Social Networks or Marketplaces need to focus on strong technical and programmatic SEO to make the generated content easily accessible to search engines. 

For example, most of Indeed’s SEO traffic doesn’t come from their blog posts or their strong brand but from the ability to create high-quality job and location-specific landing pages that satisfy the user’s intent, with the help of programmatic SEO.

In Steadily’s case, we did not have any user-generated content or the ability to use lots of auto-generated landing pages besides geo-specific pages. Therefore we had to focus on building the authority and content of the site.

For authority, we mainly reached out to reporters and got organic backlinks from places like Fortune, Yahoo, HomeLight, MSN, and more.

Our content strategy was focused on creating keyword clusters, optimizing existing content, and creating lots of SEO-focused content to help Steadily become one of the go-to sources of information in the landlord insurance space.

case study graph of steadily growth

Steadily’s GSC chart, the red line is indicating the time of our campaign. The exact numbers are redacted for privacy reasons.


Starting out in June the website was primarily getting branded search traffic. We were able to grow the site in a steady way by implementing and executing our strategy. Leading to a significantly improved online visibility of Steadily.

We were able to increase the organic (branded and non-branded) traffic of the website by over 15x in the 6 month time period of our campaign.

Not only did Steadily’s team diligently implement our recommendations, they innovated on their SEO knowledge and drilled down into niche content that continues to attract high-quality traffic.

Way to grow, Steadily!