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Don't Waste Your Money On Ads


Let the experts run and pay for your Google advertising, and SEO so you only pay a small commission on jobs you have actually sold. 

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Only Pay If Sold

You only pay a previously agreed percentage of a job’s sale price. We won’t charge for jobs that you don’t sell. We just take a fixed commission of 3% if you pay for ad spend or 9% if we pay the ad spend.

High Quality Leads

We will provide high-quality local leads from people that are actually interested in your services. The ads will run for your business specifically and won’t be aggregated or shared with other companies. 

Predictable ROI

By knowing your marketing cost beforehand you can be confident in predicting future profit margins. You won’t have to deal with fluctuating advertisement costs like you normally would.

How It Works

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Checking If Your Business Is The Right Fit

Depending on industry and location we have to check if we can offer commission-based leads since Google Ad costs vary and are higher in bigger cities as well as more competitive industries. That’s why it’s important for us to check if your business is the right fit for us.


Sign The Agreement And Provide Necessary Documentation

After signing the agreement it might be necessary to provide additional verification documents to Google. This all depends on the type of ads we are running as well as local requirements (In many cases this could include valid business insurance, business license, and a background check). 

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graphical user interface

Setup And Let The Leads Roll In

After we receive everything necessary including access to your Google Business Profile (if you don’t have one yet we can help you to set one up), you should be seeing new leads come in within the following weeks. We will be invoicing our commission on a biweekly basis after that.

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