What Does KAG Mean?

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The slang term KAG is an acronym that stands for “kill all greens” or “kill all greens in a guild”. It is also sometimes used to refer to the “kill all guilds” in a certain guild. This acronym is used as a way to describe someone who is extremely competitive and who is very hard on others in the guild.

How to use KAG?

KAG is used in gaming, mainly in MMORPG games. It is used to describe a very competitive person or a person who is considered to be toxic. You can use the acronym KAG to describe someone who is very competitive in a game, but is also very toxic and negative towards everyone else.

Alternative meanings

KAG can also mean “kill all greens” in the context of cooking. If you are a chef and you want to make a sauce, you can use the term KAG to describe the amount of vegetables you have to add. When you want to make a certain sauce, you can use the term KAG to describe how much you have to add in order to get the right consistency.


Person 1: I think I need to go play some games like Overwatch or Warframe.

Person 2: I am sure you will not like KAG, he is a very competitive guy in our guild.

Person 1: Oh, I am not sure if I will like that, but I will give it a try.

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