What are the best beginner tips for SEO?



I know the term “beginner” is relative, but for now it will be fine. And I do realize that there is a lot more to SEO than a few tips. But today we’ll go over a few basic things you can do to get your site a little bit more established in the search engines.

If you are just starting out here are a few tips.

Get your website setup

You’ll want to get a website first. Obviously the more website traffic you get, the better. You’ll want to setup the basic pages, such as, home page, about us, contact us, and so on. They don’t have to be “fancy”, but you’ll want them there.

You can find affordable and FREE website builders online. Check out WordPress, Weebly, and Wix.

Keyword Research

If you decide to start a blog, then you will want to start with keyword research. This is the most important thing you will do. Now, before you go and get out your super complicated keyword research tools, keep the following tips in mind:

Keep it simple. Don’t get too complicated. You are looking for how to keep it simple with keyword research. How to keep it simple? Well, the best way to keep it simple is to use a free tool called, Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This free tool from Google allows you to see the most popular keywords others are using when trying to get your targeted visitors. Here is a useful guide on how to use the Google Keyword tool.

You can also check out a free keyword research tool on Hubpages. It’s quite simple to use. Using this tool will give you more generic and general words that are being used in your target niche.


You will want to find a community. This might be a group online, or an offline group. However, you want to focus on actively engaging with those in your industry, not just a random community of people. You’ll want to focus on networking with those who are fighting for the same cause as you are. This could be building links, or starting a blog and networking.

In order to do this, you will need a community to work with. I’m sure by now you can figure that out on your own. Make sure you find the best place to do this. If you aren’t sure where, or what community would be the best then you can comment below, and I may be able to help.

Building links

Links will help with your SEO. This is something you will want to start focusing on as well. There are tons of ways to do this, but my favorite way is and has always been guest posting on sites with a decent amount of traffic. You’ll want to target keyword-rich anchor text links. I’ll get into this in the next blog I write. You can read more about how to build links in this article.

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That’s it! While there are more advanced topics to cover, I hope this article covered some basic, but effective beginner tips for SEO. If you’ve found this article helpful make sure to share it.

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