What Are The Aldi Hours?

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Aldi stores are open a bit later than most grocery stores.

While the majority of stores in the United States close at 6 pm, Aldi stores are open until 9 pm.

Check your local store for specific hours.

What Is the Return Policy?

Returning items is easy at Aldi.

If you buy something and don’t like it, you can either return it for a full refund or exchange it for something else.

To exchange an item, bring it to the Customer Service desk with your receipt and a new item you wish to purchase.

However, there are some restrictions on returns and exchanges.

For example, you cannot return items that have been opened, used, or damaged.

You also cannot return prescription medications, a gift card, or alcohol.

Can You Bring Your Own Bag?

Yes, Aldi allows you to bring your own bag.

However, you’ll need to place all of your purchases in one bag.

If you want to use a reusable bag, you cannot bring it into the store if it has a logo on it.

If your reusable bag has a logo on it, you must put your groceries into a different bag.

Aldi also does not provide plastic bags so you’ll need to bring your own bag.

What Is the Return Policy on Special Orders?

Aldi will refund your money if your order is not delivered on time.

However, they will not refund your money if the order is late because of bad weather or a holiday.

You can find specific details about the Aldi Special Order Process here.

What Is the Return Policy on Prescription Medications?

If you purchase a prescription medication, you cannot return it.

If you have purchased a prescription medication and changed your mind, you must take the medication to the place it was purchased.

You cannot return it to Aldi.

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