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Is your website found on Google on the first page? Let’s not fool ourselves, either you rank on the first page or you don’t. Few users get lost on the second page of Google search results.




Professional search engine optimization consists of three main components: technology, content and link building. Any company that relies on the Google search engine in sales and customer acquisition should optimize all three areas in the long term or get advice from a professional SEO agency.

Technology and content are part of the so-called onpage measures in SEO. Here, companies typically have full control over what happens on their website and what can (or must) be changed. With good advice and solid strategic planning, initial successes can be achieved relatively quickly. Link building is one of the offpage measures and is much more difficult for many companies, because this is where links must be created to relevant third-party sites, ideally from sites that even Google believes are highly trusted. We are happy to offer you the appropriate advice here on how to distinguish good links from bad links, which metrics have to be used here and how link building improves your website rankings sustainably.
The correct technical structure of a website is the basis for being found in the search engine. Without a good technical basis, even the best content cannot be read correctly by search engines. If the search engine is unable to correctly assign or assign the content of your page due to technical defects or incorrect optimization, this will be punished with poorer positions in the general findability of the website.

The technical aspects of search engines are developing and changing at great speed. Our SEO specialists at DUSK will thoroughly examine your website and advise you accordingly. This is how we make the website fit for Google and your customers. Your or our programmers can optimize the website based on the technical report.

Some examples that we take into account in the technical analysis:

The correct configuration of the Robots.txt
Correct use of meta tags and title tags
Website structure and internal linking
Correct configuration of the XML sitemap
Crawl and indexing resources
SSL certificate
Structured data
Website speed

When the technical SEO optimization of the website is complete, we carry out regular technical checks to ensure that the content always meets the latest technical requirements of search engines and especially Google.


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Optimized content on the website is one of the basic requirements for good organic findability. Content can be in the form of text, images, videos and / or infographics. The correct use of the texts and the correct formatting of content ensure that Google knows exactly what your page is about. Good placement also results when certain keywords or keyword combinations appear in certain proportions on the corresponding page (WDF * IDF).

It is not enough just to stuff your texts with keywords. DUSK compares your texts and website with the highest ranked relevant pages and can deduce which factors Google attaches more importance to.

Another important factor is that the website is up to date. Search engines prefer websites with fresh content. Therefore, the continuous creation of new content is an essential part of any strategy.

Important elements for SEO optimization of content:

Correct use of main and subheadings
The correct semantic use of certain keywords
Length and structure of the content
Correct use of old attributes
Correct use of anchor texts
The optimization of the text is always a fine line between good readability for customers and optimal information density for Google. Fortunately for you, that’s our specialty. As a pure SEO agency, we started over ten years ago and gradually expanded our range of services.

As a full service online marketing agency specializing in SEO, we still offer this important service and enable our customers to be found on the Internet when their products and services are sought. It is therefore necessary to use special terms to make it clear to the search engine that the content of this page matches the search query of the user. A good matching results in a high ranking and the user immediately receives the information he is looking for.

In addition to such static content that was created on the basis of relevant keyword sets, the creation of dynamic content is important. Such content does not have the primary addressee Google, but should address your customer in the first place. By continuously creating and publishing this type of content, your company will differ from its competitors. It is precisely such content that the website will establish as the leading authority in the industry. The strategic creation and publication of such content is referred to by us and in the SEO industry as content marketing. This also ensures that the website is up to date and strengthens the internal link structure. Relevant data is collected and so-called long-tail keywords are also used, which often solve an exact question or problem of your customer.
One of the most important factors for good rankings is the link popularity of a domain. This can be increased through naturally created links or through various link building measures (link building). The aim of link building is to get links from high-quality domains that are obvious in terms of content. It is also important to make these links look as natural as possible so that Google considers the process to be organic.

Link building is a very labor-intensive, permanent and by no means trivial process. We can take responsibility for the link building of your website, and through the years of expertise of our SEO managers we can guarantee that high quality and therefore sustainable links are built.

DUSK generates qualitative links through:

Contacting thematically relevant portals
Contacting thematically suitable partners
Contacting thematically suitable bloggers
Contacting thematically matching magazines
Placement in thematically appropriate forums
Placement in thematically appropriate industry pages
Backlinks created by us are always checked for quality. We ensure that a clean and healthy link profile is created that is not considered spamming and is punished by the search engine. An optimized link profile can make the difference between a placement on page 2 or a top position on page 1.







Technik – Die technischen Komponenten einer Webseite sollten als erste optimiert werden. Ein großer Teil unserer Kundenwebseiten benötigt nur eine einmalige Anpassung, während andere Aspekte kontinuierlich beobachtet und optimiert werden müssen.

Content – Auf Dein Unternehmen angepasst, werden wir eine umfangreiche Keyword-Recherche und -analyse durchführen, um vorhandene Traffic-Potentiale zu erkennen und ausschöpfen zu können. Auf Basis dieser Analyse können dann SEO-optimierte Texte erstellt werden. Ebenso werden qualitative Inhalte für Deine Zielgruppe veröffentlicht und verbreitet. Dies führt zum Aufbau einer soliden Content-Basis sowie einer starken Autorität im Internet.

Linkpopularität – Ziel ist die Erhöhung der Popularität der Webseite durch eine strategisch ausgerichtete und nachhaltige Linkbuilding-Strategie.
Our aim is that our customers understand what we do, how we do it and what success is achieved with it. We hope we were able to give a good first insight into the topic of search engine optimization and you could understand which factors are decisive for good SEO. All customers also receive monthly reports on our agency services in which we make transparent which measures for optimization have been implemented and which performance has been achieved with them.

Would you like to see references, testimonials and cases from our customers? Would you like to get in touch and get SEO advice from real professionals in the field of search engine optimization? Just call or send a short email, we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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