How to Properly Dispose of Your Phone

Philipp Schaetz

February 4, 2021

As some of us know it is our global responsibility to dispose of our phones correctly and not just dump them in the trash. Dumping phones in the trash causes a lot of harm to environment and our Drinking Water Tables!

It is our earth so why would we want to be drinking lead infused water. Here are some fun facts why we should dispose of mobile phones:

The amount of energy used to make a mobile phone is much less than the amount used to keep it running. The production of a mobile phone uses only around 3.3 watts of energy. The average time it takes for a mobile phone to be recycled is between 12 and 18 months. However, it takes between 1,000 and 1,500 years for a mobile phone to decompose.

Most people don't know where to get rid of their old phones so they may throw the phone in the trash. We came across a neat company that disposes of your phone the right way, they are called "New Tech Recycling". Here is an article explaining how your phone has negative effects if not properly disposed of.

Let's move forward with a more ecological responsible world!

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