Are You Looking For A Free SSL Certificate For Your WordPress Site?

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“The connection to this website is not secure.” You may have seen this message before when you tried to access a website.

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This warning message appears whenever you try to visit a website with the Google Chrome browser that does not allow a secure SSL connection. Because it can be a security risk for every visitor, as all data that you enter on this page is not getting transmitted in encrypted form. Under certain circumstances, information can be intercepted and misused by unauthorized persons. Hackers also like to exploit such vulnerabilities. In addition to Google Chrome, other popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox use these safety notices to warn visitors about these dangers.

If you received such a warning, would you visit the website and be prepared to process sensitive data such as Enter login details, passwords, your e-mail address or even your bank details? Probably not. And so are many other visitors.

Unencrypted connections via HTTP connection protocol are an image problem because they scare off visitors. It doesn’t matter whether you run an online shop or a WordPress website. Make sure that your website is securely accessible via HTTPS.

Secure your website with an SSL certificate

You need an SSL certificate for a secure HTTPS connection. As a rule, you have to order this certificate from your host for a fee. SSL certificates are domain-based, which means: when the certificate is issued, the domain for which it should be valid is entered in the certificate.

Depending on the type of certificate, the certificate can also be valid for several domains and / or subdomains.

As soon as an SSL certificate is assigned to a domain, it can be addressed by the web server via HTTPS so that the data traffic can be transmitted in encrypted form. As a rule, however, you have to set this up for your WordPress site yourself.

What does an SSL certificate cost?

The prices for an SSL certificate can be very different. The price depends on which type of certificate you want to use, how long the term of the certificate should be and from which provider you order the SSL certificate. If you run a professional online shop, you should consider whether you want a higher quality SSL certificate such as want to use an organization-validated OV-SSL-Certificate or the professional extended-validated EV-SSL-Certificate. The advantage: these certificates are checked more extensively when they are issued and thus increase the trustworthiness of your online shop. In the certificate the visitor finds e.g. Information about your company, the legal status of your company and address details.

Is there a special WordPress SSL certificate?

No, there are no special WordPress SSL certificates. A cheap domain-validated (DV) SSL certificate is usually sufficient to secure a WordPress website. In this case, your ownership of the corresponding domain will be confirmed. The integration of a domain-validated SSL certificate enables you to secure HTTPS addressing of your WordPress website and thus ensures trust with your visitors. A Domain Validation SSL Certificate is a very cheap way to safely avoid security warnings from browsers. Like all other types of SSL certificates, you have to integrate these certificates manually and update them regularly – the term of an SSL certificate is 1 to 2 years.

With Let’s Encrypt, the SSL certificate is free. A free SSL certificate like Let’s Encrypt, however, has one major disadvantage. It has an extremely short validity of only 30 days. Then the SSL certificate has to be renewed. This is very annoying and, above all, time-consuming. But there is also an easier way with the Managed WordPress professional packages from GoDaddy.

With a Managed WordPress Pro product from GoDaddy you get SSL certificates free of charge – for every WordPress website that you run on the product. You practically don’t need to worry about anything, because the SSL certificates are automatically installed, validated and also regularly renewed as long as you want to run your website on the product. Simply choose the managed WordPress Pro package that suits your needs. For individual WordPress blogs and WordPress websites, we recommend the Managed WordPress Pro Package 5, on which you can run up to 5 WordPress installations in parallel. If you need a larger package, for example because you want to manage your customers’ WordPress pages centrally, that’s no problem. You can even install up to 50 WordPress websites on the Managed WordPress Pro Package 50. For every WordPress site you will receive an SSL certificate free of charge.

The Managed WordPress professional packages from GoDaddy not only offer you a free SSL certificate for each of your WordPress websites, but you also benefit from numerous other advantages, such as:

faster page loading thanks to multiple caching layers at server level,
automatic migration of WordPress websites,
regular malware scans,
daily backups,
Create staging environments with just one click,
and much more.

As you can see, the Managed WordPress Pro packages were specially developed for the professional operation and management of WordPress.

It’s that easy to integrate a free SSL certificate

Simply log into the administration area of ​​your Managed WordPress Pro product. Click on the domain that you want to secure with an SSL certificate.

Figure Security menu in the dashboard of Managed WordPress Pro

In the “Security” area click on “Add Domain” and assign the free WordPress certificate to the domain under which you want to operate your WordPress website.

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