6 things a good website needs!

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  1. Design
    An attractive look has never hurt. You get the best out of yourself and we should do the same with our website. A beautiful design and a tasteful appearance make our website visitors directly and subconsciously become a fan of our site. Love at first sight, that’s exactly what we want!
  2. UI and UX design
    If we have aroused interest and the first impression is good, we want to see that the chemistry between website visitors and website is right. What good looks helps if communication is not going well? A good UI and UX design are absolute prerequisites for a harmonious relationship. In German: The interface between website and user should be extremely well thought out and tailored to the potential target group. If we can do that, nothing stands in the way of a long friendship!
  3. Responsive web design
    There is one more thing we should take into account: we can never predict where to meet. We have to be prepared for this and adapt to the most varied of parameters as best we can. So whether the users are on a smartphone, tablet, conventional computer, browser Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome, the website must be prepared to shine in any environment. There is no good website without responsive web design!
  4. Content
    In addition to the paint, we should also have a few arguments on our side in terms of content. After a few seconds, our user is not only interested in how we get there, but also in what the website has to offer. It is clear that the inner values ​​also count. Good content is one of the most important things for a successful website and it has to be worked hard to provide good content.
  5. Call to action
    If you pursue goals with a website, you should also work towards this. We want to spread a product, a service or an idea around the world and we need contact with our visitors. A call, a few words by email and a Like on Facebook; these are all the reactions we hope for, and we have to subtly ask for them. “Call me!”, “Leave me a message!” Or “This is our open house!” … A website has to get the website visitor to take an action, otherwise we will stop immediately!
  6. SEO
    User-friendliness is good and we do everything for our website visitors, but we must definitely not forget the world’s search engines. We also have to convince them of this so that they can direct a large number of users to us. We rely on Google and Co. to court our website and make it accessible to the general public. There is no good website without search engine optimization.

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